The MADISON HEART OF NEW YORK #POUT50000 campaign is a call to women who are ambitious, fearless & have a hunger to change their world and communities around them. These like-minded women have a desire to reach their full potential and in so doing, create a wave of change within themselves, communities and South Africa.

Conceptualised by POUT MOVEMENT (a self-empowerment organisation for women) and POUT Magazine, the aim to have a total of 50 000 POUT MEMBERS, who will utilise their skills and talents for the aim of economic development. The aim is for POUT MEMBERS to pool together their skills, talents and resources for the aim of economic empowerment.

The MADISON HEART OF NEW YORK #POUT50000 campaign is inspired by the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 to protest against the pass laws of that time, and their right to freedom of movement. Looking back at what they achieved, they laid the foundation for us to continue fighting for our freedom of movement, and our freedom to realise our fullest potential. With the Coronavirus, we are reminded that this freedom should not be taken lightly. It is now even more pressing to forge a future that South African women can thrive in.

The potential POUT MEMBERS who want to join this campaign should be ambitious, driven, enterprising, big dreamers, optimistic, be able to operate within a collective and have a burning desire to be part of creating change. Whether you are unemployed, a student, in corporate or an entrepreneur or just want to support the cause of women empowerment by showing your solidarity WE WANT YOU TO JOIN!

MADISON THE HEART OF NEW YORK, with its headquarters in Johannesburg is the perfect partner for this campaign as the company strongly believes in women empowerment. As a shoe brand, MADISON THE HEART OF NEW YORK wants to make sure that they are there every step of the way in the lives of South African women as they take up space in the world.

Kelli Kupritz, Marketing Manager for Dodos Shoes which owns MADISON HEART OF NEW YORK feels more than ever that women’s rights need to be protected and celebrated. “The Madison brand is about empowering women to feel their best, to feel confident and to always be true to who you are. Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world –  Marilyn Monroe”.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”


I more than anything love the fact that POUT MOVEMENT is really empowering women. I love that it not only focuses on the business side of life but also our well being, because you can’t run a successful business if you’re still lacking in self love. This is a first in Africa and I see it going very far. I’m glad I’m part of something this big that also makes me belong.


Women and women-empowerment organisations can be part of the campaign by

choosing the following:

1) Become a POUT MEMBER by registering on this website. The form is at the bottom of this page. Benefits of being a POUT MEMBER are below.

2) Send your HEART STORIES to

These stories should be inspirational in nature. We are looking for women who have started something to empower themselves or their communities, women who have overcome tragic circumstances and women who have achieved something against all odds #HeartStories


Before joining POUT MOVEMENT I needed to find my purpose. I needed to feel that I belong somewhere, I needed to make a difference, to make a change and when I joined a few years back my life changed. POUT MOVEMENT changed my life. It was the first place that I could be completely free, open and most of all transparent. Women working together to empower each other in beautiful ways as well as working to make a difference in our communities is truly the best gift.



We aim to organise ourselves, as women collectively, to pursue the life that we desire and create a country that we wish for this current generation and future generations. We can achieve this by being organised in large numbers therefore your membership is crucial so that we can all get to work. How you use your membership is entirely up to you, the lifestyle that you lead and the desires that you have. At the end of the day, your individual success is our collective success.


A R100 once-off fee will give you the following:

  1. A POUT membership card and lifetime membership
  2. Free access to POUT Magazine
  3. You will load your own card with money and buy POUT merchandise using the Internet and therefore gain points.
  4. You can use the points to get discounts on POUT merchandise or qualify for free merchandise.
  5. Automatic entry into our competitions.
  6. Discounts/free entrance to our events.
  7. Exclusive rights to participate in our photo shoots and campaigns.
  8. Media partnership with members who own small businesses, projects or social causes. This means that whenever you host an event, launch a product or cause, POUT will assist you with marketing support through POUT Magazine, our online media channels and expertise from our staff. We will also be able to link you up with partners and POUT members who will be able to further your cause or business.

How you use your membership is entirely up to you. You can choose to just support the cause by being a member, buying merchandise, being more active with the campaigns that we will share with members, being a speaker at our own events, asking POUT to be your media partner, hosting a POUT event in your area and partnering up with POUT or if you have an idea that you would like to implement that will create change within your community then POUT is the ideal space for you.